I wish I could be there

   I wish I could say goodbye

Before I close my eyes

   I want to see you by my side

Holding my hands

   Wiping my tears

Giving me hope

   Conquering my fears

My heart still beats

   For you it breathes

So I wish upon a star

   As I stare the sky

Through the window bars


I feel so caged

I feel so alone

As if nobody owns me

   I am on my own

Thrown away like a piece of dirt

   I landed with such a loud thud!!!!

Still crying

   Still fighting in mud

You left me behind

   Doesn’t it hurt???


I can still feel your tears

   Running down your cheeks

But can you hear my hiccups

     Hiccups crying for their mother

And that’s all they need


I know you were disheartened

   Broken into pieces

Pieces of your heart

   Scattered like weeds….


I know I am a girl

Who is left behind

Neither could you

   Nor the doctor could lie

Your in-laws’ said

     To live with us

Only one condition implies

     If you give birth to a son

You will be taken home with pride

   If it’s a girl

Then you live

   And your daughter dies


I know mother

I am a curse

According to society

   Your in-laws and others

But God chose you

   To give me birth


You weren’t wrong

     In any way

You were the blessed one

   As some good people say


I was a gift

   Given by God

But you lost me

   It’s not yours

But the world’s fault


I know I am the reason

   Why you cry

Your heart still prays for me

     Hoping I am Fine


But Mother,

   I can’t live on my own

And you are my only home

   I am closing my eyes

Taking my last breath

   This air suffocates me

As I meet my death…


I wish I could be there

   I wish I could die

In your arms

   That would have been a perfect life


Now I am closing my eyes

   Hoping someday we will meet

Oh my Mother

   I love you

And your love is all what I need…

 -Priya Bhatnagar ©



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