Immortal Love


She never knew

What the winds said.

She could not,

Understand the whispers.

She longed for a soft touch,

That was long lost in Haze.

Words had no meanings for her.

All she wanted was some love and care.


Messy hair with silver locks,

Same old story repeated again and again.

Her wrinkles and her dying smile,

Waited for him to be near.

She never knew this day would come,

When she would sit alone in her garden,

On a starry night

Gazing the sky.


Her eyes filled with tears,

As she couldn’t feel the stars.

A smile came across her face,

As she felt the raindrops.


She was happy to feel,

She was not alone.

The cold mist he left

After the rain,

He could never let

Her happiness drain.

She felt his soul,

He was always there to

Share her loneliness.

-Priya Bhatnagar ©


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