The Satan In Me

While walking

       In a beautiful ground,

I wondered

       How life could be…

Without corruption and falsehood

And with this brook,

   Filled with innocence and

Happiness to its brim.


A sinister voice

   Then I heard,

It shrieked like a monster,

       Hissed like a snake,

Its laugh was eerie,

It pierced through my heart.


The voice said

“This won’t happen

        I’ll make you fall

The way I fell!

 It’s better to reign in hell

   Than to serve in heaven

I am sure you’ll enjoy it all.”


I trembled with fear

         I tried to hold on

Someone’s hand,

But no one was near.

I gathered courage

And then replied

“I’ll never let this happen,

As it’s always better

   To serve in heaven.”


He chanted

   Mystifying verses,

That made me

     Fall asleep.


In my dreams,

   He disguised himself

As a heavenly temptress.

   Her eyes were filled

With lust and greed.

   She asked me to be

With her

   She made me believe

Her love was true

   But I knew

This wasn’t the truth.


On my rejection,

   She tried various acts

To lure me.

   She offered me

Worldly pleasures,


For my aching heart

     She could cure me,

She tempted me

   Towards the 7 sins,

Only God knows

     What she held within.

Then she asked me

     To be against God.

She chanted verses,

     I began to fall.


   My mind had stopped,

I began to bend,

Towards her offers,

As she casted her spells.

She was no longer heavenly

   She seemed to be hell.


I could still hear,

My heart beats,

I was still alive,

Trying to break through,

This dream that was all a lie.

Soon I realized,

   My faith in God,

Had never died.



I could repel her,

Resisted her spells,

I gained myself back,

   From the living hell.


With sound of,

   A thunderbolt,

I heard my Christ’s Voice,

His voice was soothing

Which calmed…

   My inner turmoil.


He said with happiness,

   This was all false,

You have won the battle,

   Against the greatest,

EVIL of all.


I was still confused,

   With whom I had fought,

Then I remembered,

   That eerie voice,

Came from within me.

And now I know,

   Who he was,

It was the Satan in me.

-Priya Bhatnagar ©


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