Am I a HUMAN??

I am still wondering

Who am I?

Am I a Human,

Standing by his mother’s side?

I don’t know whether,

I am Black or White,

Or may be Brown or Light.

You can check my color,

In dark night,

Or in broad day light.

My mother is just like yours’,

But still you find,

Something or the other,

Different about my Mother.


Your sarcasms,

Your words,

They hurt me,

They struck me real hard.

My chest fills with pain,

And wants to blow up again.

My Heart’s efforts end up,

But in vain.

Your words, your taunts,

They still haunt me,

And make me question myself,

Am I a Human?


‘Don’t sit near me!’,

   You always shout.

Is something wrong with me?

Tell me please,

Don’t just throw me out.

People call me backward,

Even though I live in a City.

People (Kids and Teachers) call me Chura, Chamar,

   But all I do is Study hard.

I am Normal,

That’s what I used to think before,

But the way you regard me,

Makes me ask myself a question,

That my heart still bores.

Am I a Human?

My color,

My caste,

The way I walk, talk or eat

Or whenever I pass,

You keep on calling me an OUTCAST.

I got the same education,

As you did,

I eat whatever you eat.

My dark color makes you hate me,

It makes you question my being.


My color,

My Race,

Or where I took birth.

Is not my fault,

But is this all you can think of?


I have an identity apart from this,

But you still call me names.

I have equal rights as yours,

But you still are standing there,

With various questions on my identity.

Neither I am a terrorist,

Nor am I a thief,

I am just a Human being,

Like you and he,

Please don’t OUTCAST me.


I am standing here ,

With my head down as I plea,

Please accept me with open arms and glee.


I am the same Human,

As you are,

Still my mind makes me think,

Am I a Human?

Or am I a Devil?

Still hated,

Looked down upon.

I cry as I feel the pain raising,

   Am I a Human?

Sometimes I fancy,

That the world would be free,

From boundaries of,

Nation, Caste, Race,

Gender and Reed.

If we all are HIS Creations,

Then why is there Discrimination?

He gave me the same body,

Mind and soul,

As Yours,

Then why am I Different from you all?

I have warm feelings for you,

And still you give me a cold shoulder.

I may not be a Human,

But I pray for thee,

And wish you,

   Being Human…

-Priya Bhatnagar ©


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