Weep Not, My Child

Weep not, my child

You should not be scared,

Even though the sounds,

Of guns tear your ears.

The air is filled,

With gun powder,

Hearts with fire,

Mind is filled with thoughts,

Thoughts of Revenge.

Don’t weep, my child

I assure you,

This will soon end.


Don’t ask me,

About these old scars.

Don’t ask me,

Who we are.

The missiles ,

The tanks,

The guns,

The grenades,

Don’t ask me,

What they are.

What I know is,

Their functions are the same.


Bodies decay and

Leave hollow bones,

The shrieking voices,

Of their wandering souls.


Spilled red fluid everywhere,

Absorbed by the land.

Greedy humans,

Keep quenching their thirst.

Hunger for vengeance,

Tussle for no reason,

Some mourn over death,

Some laugh at destruction,

Some beg to stop this massacre,

No sign of humanity left,

But nobody cares.


Weep not, my child

This will soon end,

We will rise again,

Like phoenix,

Hiding our old scars.

Instead of tanks,

We will see new cars,

The town will flourish soon,

Peace and laughter,

Will enlighten our hearts.


Don’t be afraid,

It’s just another raid.

Just wait for some

More days,

This tough journey,

Will soon end.

Weep not, my child

You are safe in my lap.

I’ll wake you,

When this war ends.

-Priya Bhatnagar ©


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