When The Leaves Are Gone


When The Leaves Are Gone –Priya Bhatnagar ©

When you cried,

I wiped your tears.

I was always there,

To fight, your fears.


You gave me tears,

I gave you smile.

I lit your dark world,

With light.


Little did I know…

That you will soon leave,

Leave me barren,

Like the land with no leaves.


I gave u shelter,

In my heart

You played games with my mind,

And like a Mozart,

You played symphonies of love

And crushed my soul.


I can hurt myself,

I can erase my identity,

I can deal with

Deadly storms.

I can die many a times,

Just to see you smile again.

I stand there like

A dead tree,

Waiting for you,

In this world full

of Fantasies .

Fighting with Demons,

To protect you,

And Painting

My love for you,

On the canvas.

Even, when the leaves are gone,

I’ll bear smile on my face,

I will always wait for you

With my open arms.

-Priya Bhatnagar ©


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