My Soul Dwells In You

Each ray of the Sun

Reminds me of Her,

Her innocent smile,

The way she slept by my side.

As I drew the curtains,

I felt Her presence, Her Laugh.

I saw her lying there,

Twisting and turning,

Refusing to leave the bed.


I remember, Her eyes

Filled with Sun.

How they brightened,

My dull world.


I miss her touch,

I miss Her kisses,

Warm with love,

Fresh like the morning dew.

My lips long for her.


Her laugh, Her giggle

That still ring in my ear,

Reminds me of the time

We made love

Oh Dear…

The happiness,

The lust,

The love

We shared,

I miss everything that

Was once there.


The day you left,

You took my soul.

My silver hair tells me

That I have grown old.


I wish, I could lift Her

Once again in my arms.

I wish, I could

Make love to Her,

Call Her names

Tease Her, Play with Her

Make Her feel safe and happy,

Sleep next to Her

And open my eyes

To see her besides me

Every morning.


My dying breath

And the rays of the Sun

Make me feel her presence,

Her presence

Surrounds me.


This is the last rose,

From me on Her grave.

Now, I can see myself

Lying next to Her.

Even Our Tombstone says,

“Death couldn’t keep us apart”.

My Love for Her is immortal.

My eyes fill with tears,

As our souls meet at last.

– Priya Bhatnagar ©


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