A Stranger With Pitch Black Eyes

New life,

New roads,

Lost in the maze

Of concrete jungle.

I pass each streetlamp with a jingle,

Bouncing around

With an innocent soul.


Dark park,

With no human soul.

No lights,

Terrified me even more.

Scared of darkness,

I shivered with fear,

Trying to find

Way back home.


I sang loudly,

To overcome my fear.

Fiddling in dark,

I try to trace human footprints.


Stuck in the forest

I weep, I cry.

A strange touch on my shoulder,

I fall back, I was terrified.


All I could see was,

A glowing face

Shiny, pitch black eyes,

Brighter than the moonlit sky.

A handsome stranger stood by my side.


His hair, like burning fire

Melted His way into my heart.

His eyes sucked my soul,

His presence ignited,

Fire within me.


He held out his hand,

Helped me out of the

Pit full of darkness.

Who would have thought…

He was Lucifer himself.


The sweet devil,

Smelled like

A tasty sin,

Waiting to be explored,

And I fell in love with him.


We walked for hours,

His aura lit up the dark.

Who would have thought..

Lucifer would fall,

Fall in love with an angel.


His eyes,

Deep as ocean,

They were drug

For my body.

He snatched away my soul,

With his beautiful black eyes.


The words that came out,

Of His blood red lips

Were heavenly melodies ,

Holy Grail for me.


His sinful presence,

His evil, yet, seductive smile,

His fragrance lingers around me

Safeguarding me

From worldly evils.


We shared love,

Our naked souls blended,

The moment was so divine.

I couldn’t escape him,

As his love engulfed me.

Who would have thought…

Lucifer could have a heart,

That would yearn for love.


The taste of this fruit,

Took me to paradise,

From where I could never return.

He took my innocence,

As he pluck the flower

That bloomed in

Moonlit night.


Like a white lily,

I shed my petals,

And I bloomed into a black rose.

My beautiful cloak of innocence,

Transformed into saucy

Black gown, in that moonlit night.

Who would have thought…

I could be Lucifer’s wife.

– Priya Bhatnagar ©


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