Phoney World

Source - Google

Source – Google

Standing by the window side,

She stares outside

The window.

Sipping her coffee

She wonders…


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Source- Google

The melody,

Of raindrops

Pour sweet nothings in her ear.

She scans,

To find a true smile.

She struggles,

No sign of true happiness.

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Source – Google


She gazes at the screen,

Her computer burns,

With images bright.

Smiles, smiles,

So many smiley faces,

Ready to be unmasked.

Camouflaging chameleons,

Blending in environment,

Hard to understand

The truth behind

These masks.

She cannot find,

Anything real, fake is what

Surrounds her.

Plastic chairs, artificial fruits,

Metallic flowers,

That have already bloomed.

Year after year…

The same cubicle,

Walls of confinement.


The worldly duties and roles,

Appear to be shackles,

Restricting her flight.

The carnival is on,

Masks are ready,

She questions herself…

“When will this masquerade end?”


Source - Google

Source – Google

She wants to be,

A Hero,

Wearing a beautiful


She wants to rip off,


That imprison identities

Hide feelings, and everything away.


She plays with her cube,

Searching ways,

To free her

Soul from the

Burden of falseness.


A tear, rolls down

Her cheek,

She is back into the reality.

The knock at her door,

Brings her back

To life.


Her quest,

Seems to end…

At her doorstep.

She hears laughter,

A hearty laugh

Of a small child.


Source - Google

Source – Google

She opens the door,

In search for her treasure.

A child bounces,

Full of life,

Full of laughter,

His voice

Touches her heart.

Her forage,

For truth ends…

Phoney world


She has opened,

The treasure of true joy.

-Priya Bhatnagar©





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