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Mahogany hair,

The locks that fell

On her face

Those blood red lips,

Always curved in a

Mischievous smile.

As her skin glowed

Her Black eyes





Fumes from my chillum,

Her beautiful

Red dress,

Her sensuous,


Those silver anklets,

Glorified her beautiful

White legs.

She was a Milky Way,

That washed me away,

With her huge tides.


Melodious dance,

In the naked fumes.

The smoke screen,

Aroused my soul.


Doped with

Her voice,

I removed the sheets,

Of past,

That lingered between us.


Each cloth,

Stood as a castle,

Up right, erect.

The curtains

Aroused my spirit,

Encouraged me to decipher

The codes,

She hid behind,

The gaseous closed doors.


Her giggle teased,


Aroma of her soul,

I sucked,

With these

Lips of mine.


The music,

Pumped on more enthusiasm

More, I urged for more…

To discover the hidden,

Forbidden treasure.


Her body was Eden,

I, a mere wanderer,

Entered the world,

Of ecstasy.


The miasma,

Of my bong

Made her,

Body shine like


Stuck in the molasses,

Of my love.

I entangled her,

Held the petite

Firefly, in

My bare rough hands.


The angel,

Was ready for

The beautiful sin.

The firefly didn’t tremble,

In  whispers,

I could hear her.

She had surrendered.

My love triumphed.


The frozen, glittery


Of the mountains,

As I removed,

I tasted honey dew.


Like a drug addict,

I yearned for more

Supple they were,

I heard her moan.


Music to my ears,

She was the place,

I could call home.


The landscape was,


The sheer clothing,

That separated,

Us from being one,

Was no more.


Soft as a petal,

Fresh as the dew,

Intoxicating her melodious voice.

She smelled of,

Sandal and of Me.

Our fragrance filled,

The room.

She smelled of Me!

What else,

Could I have desired for?


I explored the,

Untouched, enigmatic,

Beauty of Eden.

The rivers flowed

Down, each rain drop

Drowned me,

To love her more…

Addicted, I drank

Her thirst for Love.

She was mine

I was hers…

Her eyes were wet,

Her giggles made my

Heart swell.

I could hear,

The divine beauty,

Call my name.


She was a rose, untouched.

The prick of my,

Love stole,

The robe

That hid that forbidden

Fruit, of innocence.

I ate the fruit

And fell in love once more…


She was mine,

And I was hers.

Her black eyes,

Mesmerized me.

She danced to,

The tunes of our Love.


I was lost…

In her love and

In my own smoke.

She wanted me,

I wanted her more.


We stayed,


Each night,

Was new.

She, my Eden,

I, her admirer.

I loved her with all,

My soul,

She surrendered me

Her soul.

She was all mine…

I was hers.

 -Priya Bhatnagar ©


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