Becoming God

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Source – Google


Month of May,


A glorious news…

I never could have imagined,

I would become God…

I wonder, how He

Must have felt,

As I played His part!!


11th It was,

The first new

Celebration of 1993,

This BIG!!!


Joyous celebrations

Laughter and baby names

Were on everyone’s mind…


Excited, I was.

I cried,

I laughed.

The bud inside,

My womb

Gave a new meaning to,

My life.


My happiness was such,

Nobody could have explained.

I felt mountains


I felt

The rivers

Change their course.

I could hear the

Earth growling,

The weather disobeyed,

And so did all the seasons.


Everything was changing

I became God…

I, the mighty composer

And it was a symphony,

Blooming inside my womb.


Hard it was,

To be the Almighty…

I dealt with pain,

A lot of ice-creams

Chocolates, juices

And all of these

I puked.

I was happy,

I was scared,

I was anxious,

But, he (husband) was always there.


The journey,

To become God was indeed


The sea was rough

As I sailed through it.

Storms and lightning showers,

Hit my boat,

And soon the red river

Began to flow…


I was frightened,

I was weak,

The thought of losing

My seed,

Shook my soul.


I cried for hours,

Prayed to God,

Doctors saved my seed

At last.


He had blessed me,

And gave me the chance

To be the God.

Now I know,

How hard it is to be the Lord.


Everybody danced,

To my various moods,

Oh, everything was lovely

Everything was new.

My baby was coming soon.



And medicines

Controlled everything.

No more did,

The red river

Of miscarriage flowed.


A small bulge,


Tests and ultrasounds

Were frequent now.


I was the rider,

In an open

Sea of feelings.


Baby bump,

Swelled some more.

Tired I grew,

With my swollen feet

As I worked more.


The connection,

With the seedling

I had, was beyond

The beauty of space.

I was to become,

A mother

Just like the big bang.


In the metro,

In the bus,

People always stared at me.

Saw me talking to some,

Invisible soul (child).


He knew my condition,

I was a crazy mess,

Yet, He smiled.

He told me “being God

Had never been easy.”

His voice soothed me,

And everything seemed so fine.


The divine beauty,

Had shed all her,


She looked like a monster,

Who could gulp

Tons of food in seconds.


I felt it moving,

Inside My womb.

Yes, it was the sixth month!

I could feel the,


The feeling was so overwhelming,

It drove me


I started talking to the bump more.

The alien I bore inside,

Responded to my lullabies.


Weird tests,

Were ahead

On the shore.

Doctors were,

Waiting for me

With their instruments.


The health of the,

Child wasn’t good.

Lungs were weak,

And so was my bud’s heart.

I cried and cried,

He said, “Don’t lose your

Hope…After all you are the God.”


His voice,

Changed everything,

Fine it was all.

His voice calmed,

My upheaval spirit.


Source – Google




Source - Google

Source – Google

28 December, it was…

I could barely walk.

Labour pains,

I couldn’t control,

I laughed,

I cried,

I shrieked,

I screamed.


High blood pressure,

Placenta detached,

I was blank.

I had lost my cool.

Operation was to come soon.


Scared of knife,

I fainted.

I gained consciousness,

As I heard a loud cry.


My Grandpa , Grandma, and Baby Me -Priya Bhatnagar©


That cry was the best,

Feeling one could ever have felt.

I was a God, the creator,

And in my arms,

My symphony.

I could hear her father,

Scream “Yahoo!!

I could hear my family,

Dance and celebrate.

All I did was,

Stare my child,

With my wet eyes.


My Mother and My baby Brother <3 - Priya Bhatnagar©

My Mother and My baby Brother ❤
– Priya Bhatnagar©

Tears of joy,

Couldn’t have been sweeter…

I saw my Eden,

Now I know, how He must have felt,

When He saw his creation.


She was little,


And pure.

She was like a cotton ball,

Soft as snow.

Her lips…cherry red,

Her fingers curled into tiny fists,

Her black eyes,

Anxious to know more.

I saw her smiling.

Even a tiny little,

Glimpse of her made me fly,

A little more.

My heart danced,

On the cloud nine.


So delicate,

So perfect,

She smiled.

She never complained about

My messy looks.

She accepted me,

For how I was.

She loved me with all her heart,

I loved her with all my soul.


I laughed at her toothless,


Her cries,

Poop and vomit,

In the middle of the night.

Feeding her,

Made me feel

I was giving her life.


The way she splashed water,

Her calling me


Made my eyes wet.

I cried for hours,

I was happy,

I was insane.

This little butterfly gave me wings,

Gave me a new flight,

A new Identity.



The melody to my ears.

I saw her walk,

With her

Tiny feet.

Wiggle waggle,

She tried to balance,

Her petite frame.

Oh God…I never imagined,

Being god would be so great!

She started walking and she fell,

She cried “MAA”,

And I was always there for her help.


Me  -Priya Bhatnagar©

-Priya Bhatnagar©

She became my life,

My heart and soul.

Her childhood,

Her adolescence,

Her adulthood,

Were all a part of me.

She was my new identity.

She grew up to a beautiful


And now she is going to be a mother.

I have seen her grow,

From a small seed,

Into a tree…

She bares a tiny seedling

Inside her womb,

That will soon be her New Identity.

My Aunt, My two baby Brothers...and Me -Priya Bhatnagar©

My Aunt, My Baby Brothers…and Me
-Priya Bhatnagar©

– Priya Bhatnagar ©



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