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Source – Google

Carved beauty

With broken shells,

Pretty flowers,

Beautiful dress,

Embedded with silver bells.

Fake smiles,

In the market She, sells.

Diamond studded

Body glows,

Standing like a mannequin

In the cargo.

Imperfect you,

Ready for the show.


Source - Google

Source – Google

One, two, three go!

The ramp demands you,

To be on the floor.

Customers ready,

Here they come.

They check and choose,

Some look,

Some drool.

“Pray my little vessel

They choose you!”


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Source – Google

Vessel carved

With precious virtue,

And beautiful figure.

“You have been chosen,

Now bid adieu!”


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Source – Google

Vase is ready.

Packed in Red Sari,

Pretty bangles,

Laden with gold.

Vows taken,

They remain

As mere phrases,

In his faded memories.

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Source – Google

She is used, to

Decorate Her husband’s home,

With Her beauty, skills,

And Her sons.

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Source – Google

A machine that works

All day,

Rests at night.

Imperfect She glows,

Like the moonlit night.

Often asked to wear, Her

Shining Armour,

And become a powerful knight.

Perfect She,

Seems to be imperfect,

In this phoney world.

Source - Google

Source – Google

Carved beauty

With broken shells,

Blue dress,

And the silver bells.

Try to hide the,

Scars and broken memories,

She dwells.

Diamonds sparkle,

Something that was never there.

She is simple,

And pure as the

Fresh river water.

In the market,

True beauty is never

Seen as gold,

Everything that’s fake is always sold.

– Priya Bhatnagar©


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