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I jump,

I shout,

I make merry

From dawn

To dusk.


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I laugh like


Under the beams of the

Moonlight ,

Bake my skin

To maturity.

I howl like a werewolf,

Who is desperate…

To be free.

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I stay calm,

I hide,

Through crevices

I peep.

I admire the world,

So different,

From mine.


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They hunt for me,



I, puny little pest



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I try to connect,

The dots.

Lost the count of,



Maturity is pulled by,

Innocent sound

Of wind chimes.

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Ting tong,

Ding dong,

Sound of church bells

Shake my soul.

Drags it,

Squeezes it,

But, the sound

Won’t let it go!

Dare you breathe,

You’ll be no more.


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Blood red eyes,

Stare back at me,

Follow me,

Judge me of my being.

The blacks,

The whites,

And the shining armour

Of the knights,

Cage me.

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Shackles and chains,

They hang weights on my thighs,

Restrict my flight.

Voices inside me,

Corrode my bones.


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Conspirators surround me,

But, I can still see light.

Butterflies encircle,

The flickering bulb,

That hangs from the ceiling, bright!


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Caves feel safer,

And so does the back of my sofa.

The dark rooms,

Are brighter than the sunlit chambers.

Tears drop down,

I can hear the moon,

Mourn on the dirty

Plots they make.


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I am still alive and,


The Doctor, claims

It to be mere,


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He calls me, a Mad

Man…living his dreams.

I smash everything, that

Kills my soul.

They rush,

To sedate me!

I can feel pain,

The syringe they plunge.

The needle pierces ruthlessly,

Through my skin,

Tearing each cell apart.

I can hear them sharpen, their knives

To slaughter me.

Doctor laughs at me,

And call this my fantasy.


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He doesn’t know,

What the real world is like.

I have seen it,

Felt it,

Lived through it, many a times.

Drowsy me,

Dozes off.

Doctor wins the battle,

Of hallucinations and euphoria,

And leaves me alone

I lie there,

As still as a stone sculpture,

To be devoured

By demons of real life!


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Priya Bhatnagar ©


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