With Love, From Paris

“Nobody is born as a monster.” – Priya Bhatnagar

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.”
― Stephen King, The Shining

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
―  Friedrich Nietzsche

Source :  Priya Bhatnagar©

Source : Priya Bhatnagar©

She was beautiful,

and untainted.

Till the time you came

and destroyed her.

Love was always

in the air,

like smoke

flew from the dirty cigarettes,

you always held.

Tears in eyes,

guys on their knees,

proposing, promising:

love, shelter and security.

Couples kissing under,

the lights of the Eiffel Tower

Mistletoe was long gone.

The city promised love,

Pont de Arts and Seine,

witnessed the true love.

The growing number of

love padlocks,

made them smile.

Le parfum,

La boulangerie,

Les rues,

Et, La tour Eiffel.

She always managed to

stir my heart with emotions.

I fell in love with Her,

all over again.

Paris stole her,

from Sparta.

Helen, beautiful

like the setting sun,

that’s when all of this began.

Paris was cursed.

Troy, and the

Trojan War.

Destroyed lives.

Ruined Troy and Sparta,

ruined Us!

It was Menelaus back then,

it is the Terrorists now.

But, She still stands there,

beautiful and strong as ever,

to take it all on her.

Tainted with our sins,

yet, She shines bright

with the burning flame of love.

City of love will never

drown, at the hands of sinners,

but, will rise

like the phoenix,

from the fire of our love

and humanity.

-Priya Bhatnagar©


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