“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”
―  William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Source : Google

Source : Google


Two toothbrushes

told a story.

The mirror,

replayed their life.

The autumn breeze

played with the,

Jute swing he hung for her,

on the branch of

that, Willow tree.

Apples fell,

crisp, from the tree.

(She grew for him.)

Lay on the ground,

waiting for him

to bite the sinful fruit.

They flourished, blossomed,

under the warmth of the sun.

Wooden swords lay in

the back yard,

beside the Barbie dolls.

As they lay back laughing

on the grass,

capturing memories

engraving love,

on each cloud that passed.

They never realized,

until they took different paths.

They had stolen

each others heart.

Source : Google

Source : Google

She cried.

He went silent.

No more could the

Sunny days, call out their name.

Rains, cried their

heart out.

The winds, whispered about

their love.

The world knew about them.

But, they were still unknown

to their love.

They met at the subway,

their hearts collided

like two bullet trains

that ran on the same track.

Rains smiled,

as she showered them with

its warmth.

Drenched with emotions

they realized,

their love was like Sakura,

in mid December.

Source :Google

Source :Google

-Priya Bhatnagar©


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