A Night of Full Moons

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A meek, hourglass shines,

like a diamond bright

as she stands there,

under the natural spotlight.

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The doe trembles,

as a sweat forms

a pearl on her forehead.

The pearl shines and dazzles

in the scorching rays of the headlights.

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A Black Widow, weaves

Her silk thread around

her legs, and knits

her a silky dress.

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Black Widow’s fishnet

is her only shield,

to protect her sanity.

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Her short dress

covers her sylphlike body.

A gush of cold wind

fills her hollow frame with life.

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She stands there

on the desolate highway,

waiting for her

knight in the shining armour

to save her

like he does every night.

She smiles at vehicles of life

that pass her carcass.

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Her muffled screams

lay unconscious ,

inside her rigid body

as she enters a Sierra.

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Each Garment she sheds

she changes, and


on a night of full moons.

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Adrenaline rush,

blood soars in her veins.

Her breaths are warm

against his skin,

her eyes are moist

as she performs her rituals.

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Sierra speeds up,

escaping millions of


Galaxies explode

to the sound of fabric

being ripped apart.

Winds change,

storms calm down.

The love that buds

squashes his smile.

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Source : Google

He exited his Sierra,


Bold, brave,

beautiful, and strong,

with money in his shorts

and clothes

barely covering his body,

to fill his family’s

empty stomach.

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The Moon,

whether full or half (all were the same),

experienced the trauma

of a human that

transforms each night,

to run a family

it sacrifices

its soul,

to be devoured

by a stranger unknown.

-Priya Bhatnagar©


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