Shooting Star

Source -Google

Source -Google

One should not expect anything but happiness from a shooting star. Not because it is temporarily available…but it’s there to fill your heart with contentment and emotions of warmth and love. You cannot hold on to it for too long, unless and until it wants to stay,  cause it may lose its shine, the very beauty of its presence…You have to let it go…Don’t be afraid to lose it, just open your arms wide and let it go, the way it came…For all good things come to an end, for the best that is yet to come…You may never know what’s in God’s store for you, your luck may shine and you may find your shooting star again. Even if you don’t find the shooting star…you can still smile at the happy moments you shared and just move on…and lead your life happily

What if in the parallel universe the shooting star, has a wide smile plastered on its face, just cause s/he made you smile even in its absence and your life has brightened up just because of him/her.


  • Priya Bhatnagar©

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