Not All Heroes Wear Cape!

This Poem is for the man I love the most. He is my everything. Love you Bub, Happy Birthday Bubububub.

Somewhere beyond the,

reach of stars she hid.

Timid, yet, fierce like,

a storm surging towards the shore.

Hidden is darkness, still

to be explored.

He was like the,

 first ray in the morning.

An humble man,

who hid behind,

his strong stature.

Known to everyone, still

wanted to be known.


That one missed train,

and him helping her out,

were the perfect ingredients

for the cupid’s mischief.

Ah, the divine intervention.

She still wonders

who would have

pulled the strings,

for the puppets to meet,

and define destiny.


Source : Priya Bhatnagar©

From his comforting smile

to his heart warming hugs.

From his being a polite gentleman

to him being a man to fight for her.

He did it all.

From opening the marmalade jar

to protecting her

from patriarchal shackles.

He was her hero!


He made this when I was upset! Source : Priya Bhatnagar©

No season, no disaster

could break that bond.

The world conspired

against them, as the God Laughed.

It was his (God’s) intervention, and it

was bound to last.


He was nothing like

the men she ever met.

His generosity and his

love for others, amazed her.

He was a kind soul,

with a pure heart.

For her, he was God himself,

yet, he denied he was perfect.

His smile would lit

her entire world.

He did the stupidest

things to make her happy.

He turned her tears into



Trying his hand at Hindi. PS- he doesn’t know hindi Source : Priya Bhatnagar© –

He was a guy pulled

right out of a fairy-tale.

She never fell in love with him

She rose in his love!


Poop Art , he made this! Source : Priya Bhatnagar©

He was Epitome of perfection

and she was a clumsy klutz.

He was Clark Kent

to her Lois lane.

She was Harley Quinn

to his Joker.

She would wait for

hours to be with him.

He brought out the

best in her…

He saw and admired

the real her.

He was her home.

They were childish

Who fought over candies.

They were strong,

they were love,

they were each other’s world.

He was her kind of crazy.

She was glad that she found her hero.

If someone would ask her,

the reason why she loved him…

She had only one thing to say

“Not All Heroes Wear Cape”


Source : Priya Bhatnagar©

-Priya Bhatnagar©



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